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My name is Hana. It means happiness in Arabic. I'm Sunni, Palestinian and way too outspoken for my own good. I like abaya, reading, plums and bunnies. My family is fala7i like no other. And even though I love being Khalili, I love all my ummah :)


Black people protest over other black people getting murdered and they are called animals and hit with tear gas but white people start flipping cars and shit over pumpkins and all they get is “awww how cute they are so rowdy”

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MO State Senator Jamilah Nasheed has just been arrested while protesting at Ferguson PD

Live stream. Also hearing that police will be enforcing an 11 pm noise ordinance.

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There’s something beautiful about Salat in a masjid. That feeling of being lost amongst the crowd, all united behind one common factor; Islam. All colors, races, sizes and social statuses go out the window. That feeling of the recitation filling your body and your mind completely free. Your heart completely at ease. The masjid really is an island of calm amidst the storms of the dunya.

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"You wear a hijab, don’t talk about this"

"You wear a hijab, you can’t say that!"

So you as a muslim man can do it, because there’s no such thing as hijab for you right?

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Khutba Analogies

20. October 2014


Ya Allah, make my relationship with you so strong that I don’t need these people or this world. Ya Allah, let me thrive on your love and the love for your deen. Alhamdulillah for the beauties of this world you have blessed me with, but, ya Allah, do not let me get attached to such short-lived materials.

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Can ppl stop making fun of dark skinned ppls skin not showing up in pictures? Its not funny that you can barely see a dark skinned person in a photo. Its because of white supremacist colorist cameras that were created with a white norm in mind. Its simple shit like this we can do in every day life to eradicate colorism in our communities.

Heres some articles on the subject:

Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

Light and Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography

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Anonymous said: you know white people suffer too



being over privileged isn’t a form of suffering 

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